Prevent Key Factors Resulting In Paint Failure

Prevent key factors resulting in paint failure

Premature paint failure results in cracking, bubbling or peeling of paint on your home. No…

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Building Boom Cancelled Says Chief Economist

Building Boom cancelled says chief economist

Kiwi’s have been hopeful for a building boom to resolve our housing crisis. Sadly according to a top financial crystal ball gazer there will not be a building boom.

Tony Alexander, Chief Economist at BNZ top says “There cannot be a building boom in New Zealand because the resources are simply not available”.

Whilst the government has promised 10,000 new affordable homes to help New Zealanders it may not be that simple.

Obstacles to solving our housing shortage includes developers inability to obtain funding due to tighter lending rules. Somehow this massive undertaking will need to be funded by someone. Apart from lending restrictions we would expect to see a more be a cautious attitude from developers and landlords.

In addition investors money drying up the new government have promised a number of measures to make life easier for those renting.  We would expect investors to have a more conservative approach to the market as we will probably see measures to regulate their

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10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

Though taking care of your entire building should be your priority, roof maintenance and repair…

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Roof Paint And Roof Painting Tips

Roof Paint and Roof Painting Tips

Homeowners and property managers would know that maintenance of the roof is just as important…

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PBF Paints Remuera’s Oldest Home

PBF Paints Remuera's oldest home

We recently had the honour of re-painting one the oldest homes in Remuera. Mainston Mansion…

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PBF Masterpainters Return To 2017 Westpac  Awards

PBF Masterpainters return to 2017 Westpac Awards

Local painting company PBF made it through the first round of competition going to finals…

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Special 10th Birthday Offers

Special 10th Birthday offers

As part of PBF’s 10th birthday, we’re giving away some great specials to our clients.…

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PBF Celebrates 10 Years By Giving Back To You!

PBF Celebrates 10 years by giving back to you!

Picture above one of our first mayor projects in 2008 9 floors at 80 Queen…

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PBF Back On The Podium At NZ Masterpainter Awards

PBF back on the podium at NZ Masterpainter Awards

  After winning Residential Master Painter of the Year in 2016, PBF has been awaiting…

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Fantastic Referral Offer To Clients Or Friends Of Clients..

Fantastic Referral Offer to clients or friends of clients..

Birthday deals for you As part of PBF’s 10th birthday, we’re giving away some great…

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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

It was our great pleasure to be involved in this project with Habitat for Humanity.…

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Six Tips For A Cosy Winter Home

Six tips for a cosy winter home

  So the air is getting slightly colder and day light saving is over, as…

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